Club Service can be summarized as two general areas:

First, there is the labor to get the job done. All projects require people and "lieutenants" to handle the detailed leadership role. These "lieutenants" (committee heads) muster their "troops" to provide the human resources needed for our service projects. [Click here] to see our committee chairs and their plans/goals for the 2005-06 year.

The second element is funding. The operation of the club is funded by by membership dues. This is kept completely seperate from our service project funding as required by IRS code.

Items below are taken from Seneca as example.

Service projects are funded through three major events, plus some miscellaneous fund raising.

: For the fourth time, Seneca Rotarians will collect tickets at Clemson home football games. This activity brings in a fair amount of money and also provides good fellowship for the participants.

: This year, we will hold our third annual Lake Keowee Poker Run. Participants pay an entry fee and then boat around the lake, selecting a card at each of five locations. The top three hands are awarded size money. We also sell advertising on the event spots, which cover the cost of the event, while returning significant exposure to the merchant. Click on the logo above for more information.

: The Seneca Rotary Bass Tournament will be held for the first time this year and we anticipate significant income for our effort. We have associated with a tournament "trail" and think that will provide a large field of entrants. For more information, click on the tournament logo.

Miscellanous fund raising, most specifically oriented toward Rotary Foundation, are held by the club. Each week, we have a raffle at a dollar a ticket for a $5 prize. Because bragging rights are even more valuable than money, we draw good response. We also have "Happy Bucks" each week where for a dollar contribution, anyone can get up and what makes them happy (or not). Another weekly event is passing the CART (Coins for Alzheimers Research Trust) bucket, asking members to insert their pocket change. We offer, from time to time, to match contributions to Rotary Foundation, as an incentive to increase member donations. Ther is more to Rotary than money, but it does take financing to provide the service projects for which Rotary is known.